Advanced Aero Safety      “LTDS”    Low Thrust Detector System

Engine Out Detection Systems for all “Twin Engined Piston Twins”

This site will be updated to provide more service information at a later date.

 Notice:    FAA approved parts are no longer available for Sale

Sherman Hall, designed and patented this system and has manufactured parts continually from 1982.  Sherman has retired and has surrendered his FAA parts manufacturing approval to the FAA.

 If interested in manufacturing this product, The FAA approved STC, drawings, approved maintenance and flight manual, etc. may be purchased from Sherman Hall.  Some inventory and special manufacturing tools are included.  This System is approved for installation on more than 150 specific Cessna, Beech, Piper and other Twins.  Service and replacement parts can be sold for over 1000 existing customers.


Copies of the flight manual, maintenance manual, troubleshooting guide, schematic or STC can be mailed or emailed.  Enquire by email or phone.

Sherman Hall                 425-346-9723

1938 Forest Hill Rd

Camano Island, WA 98282